Making musical history

Researchers and journalists from Crack Magazine in Bath and Bristol are urging members of the public to contribute to the project by uploading stories, photos and memorabilia via a special online form. People will also be asked to leave their contact email so that researchers can get in touch to find out more.

Party in the City – held in Parade Gardens

The project is an attempt to document the rich musical history of Bristol and Bath through the words, images and sounds of people who live in the two cities.

It will feature contributions from gig-goers, event promoters, local musicians, DJs and dancers, as well as the major recording artists from the region who have already confirmed their participation. The results will be shared with the public later in the year.

Researchers are looking for stories and images related to the live music and club scenes in Bath since the 1950s and are particularly keen to hear from those who remember venues, clubs and events that no longer exist, as well as those who recall the early days of now celebrated musicians from the city.

Bog Island

Examples of former venues and events include the Island Club on Bog Island, Tiffany’s club, the Keel Club at Bathampton Mill, the 1969 Bath Festival of Blues, the Ye Olde Farmhouse and Long Acre Tavern pubs, the Players Club and Tioergarten nightclubs, Walcot Village Hall and the Brillig Arts Centre.

To take part, Bathonians should head to the following website and fill in the form, sharing as much detail as they can: All photographs, images and stories will be fully credited.