Feeling the blues

Couldn’t have asked for better weather for my daily exercise this lockdown Sunday morning – and a walk in the company of my husband too.

Blue skies and the most plane activity l have seen in a while!

We hadn’t got far before we almost tripped over an abandoned Christmas tree dumped by the roadside.

Someone else’s problem?

Bearing in mind B&NES have made it perfectly clear they will collect these poor dead festive left-overs – the message had not got through as far as this person was concerned.

Thank goodness for B&NES online ‘Fix My Street’.

Artist’s impression – taken from Twitter

Noticed on Twitter – first thing – that the Roman Baths were promoting the new World Heritage Centre – which is being developed in part of the old York Street laundry as part of the multi-million-pound Archway Project.

It’s a scheme which will improve educational facilities, reveal more of the Roman site to the public and – through the new Centre – allow people to explore the reasons why Bath was considered special enough to be inscribed by UNESCO back in 1987 as a World Heritage site.

Early artist’s impression. Visually may be out of date now!

I will be trying to find out what information there is on when this exciting new development will be opening.

Meanwhile, here’s a YouTube presentation which explains and explores the whole project.

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  1. Thank you so much for directing readers to the Archway YouTube film. It was very worth seeing…

    Regards – Jane Glaser

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