Churchyard chat

Early start today for my lockdown induced once-a-day walk and a chat at my ‘local’ – the churchyard of St Mary’s at Upper Swainswick.


  1. Hello from Canada! Loved the palm tree, but Canadians have been doing this for a while with evergreen trees. Might be a better look too for Larkhall😉 We have a fairly exclusive area known as Muskoka located in beautiful lake country just north of Toronto. Lots of wealthy and international celebrity types up there with enormous lakeside houses. Your Earl Spencer being the latest. They have their very tall towers disguised as trees. Thank you Richard for your walks and talks up Swainswick. We tune in every morning and are with you in spirit huffing and puffing up those gloriously hills!
    Happy New Year and we look forward to getting back to glorious Bath.×724/smart/filters:cb(2700061000)/

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