Bath MP to support latest lockdown.

Bath’s MP says she will be supporting the government’s new national lockdown when it is put to the vote after a debate tomorrow in the House of Commons.

Wera Hobhouse says:

“I know that these measures will come as a disappointment to many in Bath but looking at the deeply concerning rise in Covid-19 infection across the country, it is clear that this is necessary.

In B&NES our community has worked hard to keep local infections low until now, but we can see the numbers rising. 

From the very start, this Government has not taken the decisive, timely action to contain the virus, with dire consequences. With the especially rapid spread of the new variant, we must do everything we can to limit its spread and its impact, particularly on those who may be more susceptible to Covid-19 in our community. 

No one can pretend this is a good situation. 

Teachers do not want to have to turn students away from their classrooms, our community does not want to have to close businesses, and our city does not want to have to turn visitors away.

And yet this is what we must do to protect our NHS and save lives across Bath. I know that our city will come together, uphold the strict lockdown, and help those who are most impacted by the virus and by these new measures.

I am proud to represent Bath, a place where neighbours look out for one another and where we put the needs of the most vulnerable first.”