Dangerous waters?

With so much rain of late you can be sure the River Avon through Bath is full to capacity with flood water.

It’s the potential dangers from this fast-flowing current that is concerning Davina Ware who writes:

‘Hi Richard,

I emailed you some time ago regarding the river footpath at this point by the Western Riverside Development.

The reply was this was deliberately designed by the developers to be a “flood plain”. 

On my walk today I decided to take a few photos to highlight once again that this is a highly dangerous point given the number of accidents/deaths along the river in recent years especially when the river is high. 

I also think there’s an element of double standards and attach a page from the council’s website regarding a stretch of river near Pulteney Bridge that was closed to due to the dangers when flooded.

Page from council website

The path was on 2 levels, there was a fence on the low level only, which became submerged when the river flooded making the upper path unprotected from the fast flowing water. 

So WHY has this been allowed here?

As you can see, it is well used by pedestrians even on a freezing cold evening.’

Thank you Davina. What do other people think? More fencing or -some might argue – more common sense?


  1. It’s nothing new , been going on as far back as I can remember?!80’s teenager and 100% Bathonian!..would argue more common sense !! Aswell as ” danger flooding”

  2. I think the difference here is that anyone falling in would be able to get out again easily, or be rescued easily. Where as when the river is 2m below the path there is no escape from the water, and it’s really difficult to reach anyone from above.

  3. More common sense and perhaps education particulary to Students about the dangers of alcohol excess.

  4. Hello Richard,

    My only thoughts on this are (1) I didn’t feel at all unsafe walking along the river past the rugby ground today; (2) it would be great if boats could moor in the city again.

    All best wishes for a healthy 2021,


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