A word from Will

It’s always nice to hear from a bathnewseum.com follower from further afield and one who always enjoys visiting our city.

Will from Loughton in Essex writes:

“As a regular annual visitor to Bath since the early 1980s, I was really pleased to discover your website/ blog and will be spending the next few days reading through this.

I bit the bullet this month and decided to take a quick covid safe visit to the city and was so pleased to see everyday life continuing at a safe distance. An early visit to Abbey Square coincided with the filming of a new series of McDonald and Dodds which proved an interesting distraction.

Will apologises for the quality of the image but he took it quickly with his smart phone.

Worthy of a ‘nod’ is the Bath at Work museum. They are safely open and it was great to re-visit something I hadn’t been to for many a year. I was safely greeted by a very enthusiastic member of the staff who explained the necessary COVID precautions and gave a great insite into the museum. If you haven’t been for a while, it’s a worthwhile outing if you have an hour or so to burn.

The former Woods shop

The only sadness was the number of unoccupied shops such as the old Woods stationers and Nationwide building but particularly the Garfunkel’s site. I wondered if you had any news of what was happening at this prime site. 

Keep up the pressure on the Laura Place fountain, hopefully they will get that repaired and back in action soon.”