Bath on tap

A long and rather uphill Sunday walk to a place l have always wanted to visit.

Plus l am working on a new way of spreading ‘all things Bath’ around the YouTube world.

PS. Actor, Sir Laurence Olivier was stationed at RAF Charmy Down for a while during World War 2.


  1. I went to a U3A lecture last year on a local book all about the bombing of Bath. One of the topics was why there was no air cover in April 1942. Apparently, the new RAF crews had arrived by train and had gone up to Charmy Down, only to discover that their planes were painted black and they were expected to do night flying. This was surprise to them as they hadn’t been trained to do this. They arrived just before April 1942 and Bath’s bombing raids. Bath was the RN headquarters, so why wasn’t there air cover? The reason is that the newly arrived squadron still had their training to do!

  2. The Two Tunnels Greenway is hugely popular among UK cyclists so a piece covering everything from booking bike space on a train to get to Bath through to the gradient profile of the routes might be useful (and a good excuse to visit the refreshment providers near the cycle path).

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