Let me do my job

OK. So you know what’s involved when you stand for election as a local councillor – but then you get given the additional responsibility of overseeing the introduction of a Clean Air Zone in the middle of the World Heritage city in which you live.

On top of that COVID 19 appears to give you the extra headache of organising social distancing measures to make the streets safe for people to get out for shopping and exercise.

Cllr Joanna Wright is the Cabinet member for Transport Services and also a representative of the Lambridge Ward in which lies Larkhall and its little central cluster of well-loved and supported shops. Council barriers have not gone down well with everyone – and that includes some traders and local residents.

In a very personal and impassioned interview, she talked to Bath Newseum about holding fast to her responsibilities when it comes to public safety. That she was elected to be a leader and a decision-maker and she would do her best to make those decisions in the public interest.

Cllr Wright also comments on the administration’s long term aim to put people first when it comes to clean air – and picks up on another story on this page. A new push to get trams back on the streets of Bath.

Do watch this interview through.