Sssssssssh! It’s early.

August the First and today’s Wyatt’s Walks discusses whispering, white rabbits, hotel floorboards and Bath Abbey’s old altarpiece!


  1. Hi Richard…a couple of random memories generated from your recent posts: The Grand Pump Room Hotel: The first assignment i was given in July 1957 as a young photographer with the Bath Chronicle was to climb a rickety scaffolding on Bath Abbey and get some shots of the City. Of course, the hotel featured in one of them…it was before demolition started. I recall the scaffolding would not pass muster by today’s HSE standards…ladders lashed togetehr, no hard hats or harnesses! On a similar note, i also photographed the interior of the Palace before work started on transforming it into the Regency Ballroom…Arthur Mortimer and Dunstan Harrison standing in a darkened interior with the old safety curtain as a backdrop.

    The mention of Lady Noble also rang a bell- she lived a couple of doors away from my family in Royal Crescent- I photographed her – I think for her 90th Birthday…she had a beautiful classic sitting room with lots of photographs around- I was overawed buy the Brunel link! She was a classic “Grande Dame”

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