We’ll get you there.

How do you help essential NHS workers – especially those from outside our area – to successfully – and quickly – navigate their way around Bath and all its health service facilities?

Simple, get a locally-based I.T. company who specialise in producing online maps you can interact with – and which provide up-to-the-minute data in an easy-to-read visual format.

The Living Map Company have been working on the problem of helping these vital workers get around our city as Martina Gianoglio explains.

In a Zoom interview, l also got to talk to Brenden Beu who helped design the online ‘living ‘map.

Have a look for yourselves via https://ruh.livingmap.com/?floor=G#14/51.39044/-2.3915

The company – with offices in Bath and London – can be reached via https://www.livingmap.com

Living Map is now exploring additional use-cases and capabilities with the RUH, Bath Council and the Bath BID to leverage their indoor and outdoor mapping and positioning capabilities to keep the Bath community and key workers informed of changes to traffic flow, congestion and pedestrian zones, and to help promote businesses as the city restarts.

Dominic Hazlehurst – who is CEO of Living Map – said: “We are delighted to be supporting RUH Bath and the local community, with our digital services. We are able to help with several practical problems of visualising the locality whilst directing the footfall of different user groups and visitors. We look forward to building on the relationship in the coming months.”