It’s showtime!

I can almost smell the perfume. It’s a photo – taken with pride – by regular contributor Terry Basson – who writes:

‘ Oh, what a difficult year 2020  has turned out to be!

Advice regarding sowing times provided by our specialist grower was best in late autumn – I sowed seed late November in 3inch pots.

On New Year’s day, small hooked heads came into view. So very exciting as I stood in my PJ’s in my frost-free shelter, where they overwinter.

 I felt so uplifted to see that another new year’s promise appeared again. I had no idea what the year also had in store for us, as lockdown became the dominating issue of 2020.

Gardening during 4 months of our confinement kept us all sane. We purchased 40 geranium plug plants – they arrived through our letterbox – so tiny, ready to plant up in small flowerpots.

I planted out my Sweet Pea plants late March. The lovely spring weather came along and grew them on to bloom early  –  4 weeks before show day!

Clive, my mate, planted his seed in January and is still picking scented bunches each day.

The picture I post of the 2020 season is now filling our home with their glorious perfume,  worth all our efforts despite the virus outside ready and waiting to kill us off. Hopefully, we will have a vaccine soon.’