Recipe for success

Things were not going well in computer-land this morning so the arrival of an email from Mr Ralph Oswick certainly did the trick in releasing some tension.
Bearing in mind that humour has always been the tool of his ‘street performance’ trade – it’s not surprising he soon had me smiling again.
Ralph (almost) Oswick!
Mind you it’s a subtle way of making you part with your money but – for a very good cause.
Here’s his message in full:
‘Did you queue from 6am this morning to be first into Primark? Did you manage to bag those cushions you’ve been dreaming about all through the bad times? Weirdest sight of the day was seeing the make-up ladies in Boots wearing visors!
Meanwhile, behind all the mayhem of Shopalong Monday, up at the RUH the fight goes on. And here’s a nice thing, Bath Comedy Festival Patron and fabulous fundraiser Loraine Morgan-Brinkhurst and her chums have got together a Rainbow Cookbook. Loraine is pretty ‘in’ with  more celebs than you can shake a stick at and she’s got loads of them to submit their favourite recipes into a bright and breezy cookery book which is being sold in aid of the Royal United Hospital Forever Friends charity.
Loraine Morgan-Brinkhurst MBE Intro
More specifically, all proceeds will go to their Help Hospital Heroes Appeal which provides care packages for NHS workers and other urgent requests from wards and departments. Loraine explains it better than I can in the attached intro from the book. Also attached is an order form where you can buy copies for just £10. Pre-orders were massive but there are still gazillions of copies waiting to be snapped up. Every penny goes to the appeal.
It’s a beautiful produced volume, full of colour and great ideas for lifting your culinary spirits. And talking of spirits, as well as tasty dishes the book features just one cocktail:
Ralph’s Dry-dock Lockdown G&T. One sip before dinner is enough to convince you that you are on a Saga Cruise and will set you up for joining the captain at his table. Two sips will have you under the captain’s table (retaining social distancing natch!)
A huge amount of work has gone into producing The Rainbow Cookbook with everyone donating their professional services free, so why not give it a go  and in doing so support this highly relevant and ‘of the moment’ cause.
Meanwhile, the team at Comedy Towers inform me that the Bath Comedy Festival Crowdfunding appeal is still bubbling under.  With additional donations in the form of plain envelopes slipped under the door, the fund is well past halfway. Bills will be paid, cancellations covered and with luck our dear director will avoid finishing his days in Marshalsea Prison. But only if the target can be reached! Many of you have given generously, so thanks for that. If everyone passes on this link to a likely donor, you will help the festival rise again.
So, instead of rushing down to T K Max, satisfy your shopaholical  and charitable cravings  by (1) buying the book and (2) forwarding the Comedy Festival Crowdfunding link to your rich Uncle Albert.’
Ralph later told me:” I’ve just taken delivery of the RUH recipe book and it’s a really good little volume esp as the whole thing from conception to publication was only 5 weeks! People from all over the country are buying it. “
There are three ways of getting a cookbook as detailed below.
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