Manvers Street car park re-opens

Bath’s Manvers Street car park reopens tomorrow – Friday, May 29th – after undergoing essential maintenance.

The works were needed to protect the car park for future use and prevent structural damage. A safer one-way system has been introduced, a new 2m height barrier installed to prevent access to oversized vehicles and repairs made to the concrete floor to reduce surface water ponding. A water-resistant surface has also been laid on the upper-level parking area, the vehicle ramp to the lower level and stairways.


Protected pedestrian walkways from Manvers Street on either side of the entrance and exit are now clearly marked and disabled bays now have yellow hatched areas surrounding each bay for improved access as well as a blue surface to make them easier to identify.

Lower-level lighting has also been replaced with more environmentally friendly LED fittings.

Councillor Joanna Wright, joint cabinet member for Transport Services, said: “Although we encourage residents and visitors to walk, cycle or use public transport we recognise Manvers Street car park is an important facility for drivers who need to use their cars.


“These essential works took longer than planned due to the COVID-19 pandemic, but I’m delighted we’ve been able to complete the job in time for the easing of lockdown restrictions. The work that has been carried out ensures the car park is fit for the future and provides access improvements for vulnerable motorists and their passengers.”

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