200 new dwellings for Keynsham?

Local residents and businesses are being invited to give their views on a proposed development on land to the east of Keynsham. The development would enable the expansion of the new school on Phase 1 with enhanced facilities.

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Part of the consultation document


The land, a 25 acre site known as Withies Green, has been removed from the Green Belt and safeguarded for future residential development in the Bath and North East Somerset Core Strategy.  It sits next to the Hygge Park residential scheme that was allocated for residential through the same Plan, and borders the A4.

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Taken from the consultation document

Developer M + M Homes Limited is hoping to create up to 200 new dwellings on the site of which 30 per cent would be affordable homes.

The development would also enable the expansion of the proposed school on Phase 1 with enhanced facilities to cater for the increased local population alongside a new community hub, sports pitches and open space provision including wetlands and orchards.

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Taken from consultation document.

The draft proposals for the development will be available online at www.withiesgreendevelopment.co.uk  from May 18th until June 19th. People are invited to view the proposals and leave their feedback before a planning application is submitted to B&NES Council later in the year.

A spokesperson from M + M Homes Limited said, “As the region tries to address the housing shortfall, we believe this is a fantastic opportunity for Keynsham and the wider B&NES area. We’re pleased to propose a new housing development that will provide new homes alongside community facilities including a brand new school to serve the local area.                                                                                                                                                                         This land has already been earmarked by B&NES for future development but we’re very keen to hear the views of local people through our online consultation.”

Already situated in a sustainable location with excellent transport links to Bath and Bristol, the development would include a range of additional sustainability and environmental measures including EV charging points, green roofs, bird and bat boxes, a wetland park and community gardens and allotments. Significant off-site cycle improvements are also proposed to the route between the site and Keynsham Town Centre and Railway Station

“We’re very passionate not just about creating new homes but also building communities. The landscaping and green spaces alongside the wetland park and woodland will create a fantastic environment for people of all ages.”

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Part of consultation document.

To view the proposals and leave your feedback online, visit www.withiesgreendevelopment.co.uk  before June 19th.

If you are unable to access the internet, hard copies of the consultation materials can be sent via post on request by calling 01225 423400.