Logo’s a no go!

Images l have published from my early morning walks has prompted Bruce Jelly to send me an email about another well-known and used city trail

Bruce writes:
I know that you walk on the other side of the valley.
The Skyline walk is a great facility open to everyone.
I believe that there is an organisation that has received funds and promotes activities.
Could the Skyline be improved?
1) Yellow soon fades whereas the other signs in black or red stand out.
2) There are no signs at numerous junctions where it’s easy to go wrong but somewhere there is only one way to go.
3) Signs support clockwise walking but leave anticlockwise walkers lost.
4) Using QR codes on signs would provide walkers with details of the route and things to look out for etc with minimal intrusion.
My suggestion is that someone who doesn’t know the walk goes with a Skyline officer to identify the numerous failures/weakness in the current signage.
With a fund available and few walking during the lockdown, this would be an ideal time to upgrade the signs.’
Sounds reasonable. What do others think?