Funding the helpers

With the help of the Quartet Community Foundation, Bath Mind and Citizens Advice BANES say they are now able to double down on their efforts to meet the challenges of Covid-19. 

Anyone reading recent headlines could not be blamed for being worried about  what the fallout from Covid-19 might mean for them, and mental health and financial issues are some of the biggest concerns for many.

The local charities have been raising awareness about the financial impact of Covid-19. They’re concern centres on residents falling into debt, which can have devastating consequences, like eviction and loss of child custody and how this can lead to escalating mental health issues. 

Every year, over 100,000 people attempt debt suicide in the UK and Bath & North East Somerset already has a pronounced poverty gap and a suicide rate above the national average. 

MPs Wera Hobhouse and Jacob Rees-Mogg have both appealed for support in dealing with this issue, which will likely escalate as soon as restrictions on repossessions and evictions are lifted. 

In addition to gratefully received donations from the general public, the Quartet Foundation have also answered the call and donated funding to help sustain the partnership between these two charities so they can continue to help residence for the next 3 months.

However, as the date for the lifting of lockdown restrictions nears, time is running out for the charities to bolster their services for the likely surge in clients that an impending recession will cause. 

In the photo are Kate Morton, CEO of Bath Mind and Les Redwood, CEO of CA BANES.

Les Redwood, CEO of the local Citizens Advice said: ”It is with great pleasure that we announce this wonderful new funding initiative, provided by The Quartet Foundation, further enhancing our strategic partnership with Bath Mind.

Covid-19 has brought great financial, mental health and well-being challenges to millions of people across the country, so our strengthening and enhanced partnership with Bath Mind is just one way we are all trying to help and support our communities at this difficult time.

We look forward to further developing our strategic partnership as the challenges continue to rise over the coming months and feel assured that this strengthened partnership will go some way towards helping many of our clients who are most in need”.

Kate Morton, CEO of Bath Mind said: “Bath Mind are delighted to receive funding to further strengthen our partnership with Citizens Advice, and provide much-needed advice and support to the most vulnerable members of our community at such a challenging time”.