It’s a cracker – Jack.

I haven’t been able to go too far from home since the lockdown began. As a person ‘at risk’  – for reasons l won’t go into – me and my smart fone take an early morning and daily stroll into a nearby valley and enjoy a forty-minute walk.

While l hope my snatched images bring pleasure to some who can’t – for whatever reason – access such a rural idyll, they pale in comparison to a beautifully constructed video that l have been told about.

It’s called ‘Bath in Lockdown’ and has been uploaded onto the Vimeo Channel by the man who shot, directed and edited it – Jack Fisher.

I made contact with Jack to ask if l could link to it – via the Bath Newseum site – and am pleased to have got his permission.

Jack’s website is full of a whole host of fabulous videos – featuring various genres and international locations. He is a talented filmmaker who was born and educated in Bath and who returned to the city a couple of years ago.

Have a look for yourselves via