Why is it so cold!?

Blue skies over the Woolley Valley this morning but a bitingly cold wind. Why are we dragging winter with us into early summer?

Well, Julian Vincent helped solve the mystery as to what useful purpose these decorative pieces of metal served.


“The S-shaped bits of metal are attached to cross ties and hold the wall against falling outwards as the weight of the roof tends to flatten its “A” shape and push the walls out. Cheaper than putting in a buttress, but possible only if there are two walls tending to move in opposite directions.”

But l am still hoping someone can tell me what purpose these curved pieces of stone served.


Meanwhile, l thought you would like to know what story l was covering in Bath five years ago this month.

Here’s a Facebook picture from that time.

Screenshot 2020-05-06 at 07.40.59

Love to say what is there now is a big improvement. But l cannot.