Red sky in the morning.

Up and about rather early this Tuesday morning and what a sky!

There’s a few why’s and what for’s coming up amongst my images of today’s walk into the Woolley Valley.

There’s a little grass-covered lane – splitting an orchard from the churchyard – in Upper Swainswick. This stone pile prevents vehicles using it as a short cut between one lane and another. Love to know its story?

Cold and a bit fresh it was too.

Can’t understand why so much energy and time went into mowing this tiny verge of hedgerow plants and flowers?
This was yesterday.
At least the mowing revealed its name again!
Left over from Halloween?
Lots of tiny caterpillars. Anyone know which moth or butterfly this is?
And finally. At the Gloucester Road end of Innox Lane – why are there cats eyes at the SIDE of the road?

Have a great day!


  1. The cutting on the Gloucester Road is for the children to be able to walk to school without having to go in the road . At one time it covered the road and the school fought hard to get it regularly cut.
    The caterpillars are a regular site in Inox Lane and will transform into Ermine Moths. Their webs can be huge. Always a fascination for the children.

  2. Its been fun spotting the locations of your are walking past my house on these walks!I agree with Patricia re the cutting of the verge. before the cutting was done regularly it was only possible to walk along the pavement in single file. This meant that parents were unable to hold their children’s hand whilst walking up the road without the adult walking in the road..which with the amount of fast traffic during rush hour was not something to be attempted. Also, children in pushchairs were lashed in the face by the vegetation before the cutting back was done…again not desirable!!

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