Monday, Monday.

Another week beckons, though – after more than a month into this lockdown – it’s only the little calendar on top the fridge that is keeping this household on track.

We cross off the days. Throwing them away really, but what can people do? Only fill their time as usefully as possible.

Another world.

My walk into the countryside this morning was a warmer experience. Much more like a day in May – my favourite month of the year.

Funny isn’t it, we are so focused on the pandemic we have forgotten the challenges faced by global warming. I have often stopped to wonder – recently – why temperatures have been so low overall and are likely to dip again soon.

I would need a botanist to tell me this plant’s proper name but didn’t we call it ‘sticky back’ because we could rip it off and put it on our friends’ backs where it stuck and we laughed!

Having said that I hear the shut down has certainly improved things for people living on the London Road with pollution levels halved.

I fear for the future though as people may consider the best way of getting back to work will be to take the car.

The safest mechanical bubble they can think of. Chaos on the roads. Government – both national and local – has got to bear this in mind.

Today’s daily post!

Back to today’s walk. A selection of images and a couple of quiz-type questions for you.




Very decorative but these ornamentally-shaped pieces of metal serve a purpose. Do you know what it is?
Why can’t all our roadside verges look like this?
That curved piece of stone was once there for a reason. You will see many of them still at the entrances to driveways. What purpose did they serve?



I meet this little one-eyed fellow most mornings on my walk.
A thought to ponder on. How quickly Nature could obliterate all trace of us humans. Is it too much to hope for a positive out of this dreadful negative?