Bath’s forgotten industry.

Wanted to go a little further this morning and down to the site – straddling the Lam Brook – where four Bristol businessmen set up a gun powder mill back in the early 18th century.

The building is called Mill House but l have no idea if these buildings were ever part of the original powder mill complex that was once in operation on this site.

You can read the whole story – Bath’s Forgotten Gunpowder History: The Powder Mills at Woolley in the 18th Century by Brenda J.Buchanan – via

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© Brenda J Buchanan.


It’s quite shocking to hear how gunpowder was used to barter for slaves amongst the chiefs on the West African coast but the Woolley Powder Mills are a forgotten Bath industry.

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© Brenda J Buchanan

Apart from my obsession with telegraph and power-line carrying poles, l love the idea of a lane which ends with a bend – leaving you guessing what is to come next in this rural and sunny idyll







Again, l cannot stress how lucky l am to have this on my doorstep and hope some of the images will bring pleasure to people who cannot get out to see such nature – for whatever reason.







  1. Loving the pix from your walk. Thanh you very much

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  2. And we’re still happy to sell munitions to pretty much anyone who’ll pay. Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.

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