Do we face a car hell?

We may all be dreaming now about life after the shutdown – and things returning to normal – but some form of human separation is going to have to continue for quite some time.

That’s a situation worrying sustainable transport campaigner Adam Reynolds who foresees years of trying to persuade people to leave their car at home – in danger of being wasted.

Screenshot 2020-04-27 at 15.03.17
Adam Reynolds – via Zoom this morning.

Adam – who is Chair of the Walk Ride Bath organisation – thinks car sales will soar, and the roads will be crammed, as people consider the only safe place to be is inside their own vehicle.

He thinks conditions on our roads could come close to ‘car hell’ and all this will make it very dangerous for pedestrians trying to avoid both traffic and each other.

To rectify this, Adam wants safe routes created and traffic pretty much relegated to major roads so that people can avoid the twin dangers of cars and the virus.

I spoke to him – via Zoom.

So what do other people think? Do let me know!