Mortuary facilities for Haycombe

The growing number of additional deaths – linked with the coronavirus – means that work to install dignified temporary mortuary facilities is set to get underway at Haycombe Cemetery and Crematorium in Bath.

In these difficult times, the council has had to plan for a temporary expansion of facilities to help serve Bath’s Royal United Hospital and to meet the needs of local funeral directors.

Over the next week work on a temporary resting place will start on site adjacent to the top chapel. If needed it would be used prior to funerals being held.

Councillor Dine Romero, Bath & North East Somerset council leader, said: “Sadly we are having to prepare for the worst during the coronavirus pandemic while hoping the measures which we have to put in place, will never have to be used.

“I want to give my reassurance that we will continue to protect the dignity of those who have lost their lives and that we will make sure the temporary resting facility is respectful and fitting under these circumstances.

“I will join staff from Bereavement Services to deliver letters to residents living near Haycombe Crematorium and Cemetery. The letters will explain the steps we are taking and to prepare them for some of the activity they may see or hear as we set up the temporary resting place.”

Temporary units – which will be screened – are being installed in line with national guidance.

The council is providing support to its staff, should they need it and is reminding residents about a range of support they can seek, including: