Bath already a Clean Air Zone?!

Elsewhere on this page, you will see a story regarding the initiative – set up by Bath Tourism – to try and support local traders while the city is off-limits to its normal tourist industry.

It’s an idea that has brought a quick response from Bath Newseum follower George Feiger who sent me the following email.

“Rich, I appreciate your concern for the businesses that depend on tourists, but not having the tourists has revealed some previously emerging truths in full detail.

The air is much cleaner, the streets are now available for residents to walk on, it is much quieter early in the morning and late at night, we don’t hear endless rumbling of the wheels on rolling suitcases.

I have a portable pollution meter that I have been using to measure the incredibly high level of diesel particulates that come from cars, buses and trucks. All is much healthier now.

As many World Heritage cities and other places have found, it is possible to have too many tourists and to have regular life destroyed by them. As to the shops, we have seen the departure of unique and family-owned businesses, to be displaced by chains that pay higher rents and thrive on the excess flow of tourists.

The character of Bath is being degraded at the same time as the stone facades and the health of the residents is being degraded.

If we want to prevent Bath from becoming a kind of decaying Disneyland, we need to take measures to restrict tourist inflow and traffic inflow.”