A walk on the wild side.

Turn left at the top of our road and l am very lucky to be able to enjoy the countryside that is on my doorstep.

I like to go out early – if l can – to enjoy my hour of exercise when l am a threat to no one and no one is there to threaten me.

I do find some of the joggers and cyclists a bit difficult – in terms of space. Just wish everyone could simply take pleasure in rediscovering the walking platforms that – for most – are physically and biologically attached to the bottom of each leg!

Thought l would inspire you with a view from my emersion into the world of Mother Natural earlier today and remind you that Bath Newseum is here to let you reach thousands of people around the world with your images and comments.

Have a great day.


  1. Blessed we are to be surrounded by lovely countryside. Lovely picture of your left hand turn country view. I would like to be able to walk along the river towpath without trying to avoid people walking two abreast, shirtless cyclists and runners. And many do not ring their bell anymore to warn you that they are there. Could not the cyclists in all their cycling gear, cycle along the near empty roads instead? Your daily blog is great. Thank you

  2. Richard You always inspire us readers and around the world . Thank you for publishing some of my jottings yesterday .

  3. Hi Richard

    Fabulous view!

    Mother Nature is truly a wondrous thing and this little ‘Robin Red Breast’ (see video attached) arrives each evening around 7pm to bathe in the birdbath in the Italian section of Wendy’s garden – beautiful!

    Thanks for all your interesting stories and photos in your up-to-the-minute, informative posts!


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