Our world.

Wanted to cheer everyone on this Wednesday morning with evidence that – whatever crisis humankind is currently going through – nature continues to exert its power on the seasons.

Spring IS literally busting out all over and – no doubt – benefitting from the reduced demands we are placing on our environment.


I hope – out of all this – will come a re-awakened appreciation of what we – daily – take for granted and a growing sense of community and the hard work being put in by so many to keep the country running and safeguard our health.


I know we will all want to do our bit to help by listening to advice and staying safe. Suddenly we have time for all those things we said we didn’t have time to do.

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Just a reminder that the Bath Magazine for April has been published. Look out for it at supermarkets and stores. Obviously – bear in mind – a lot of the content was put together before this national emergency came upon us.

They’ve been kind enough to give me a monthly column to deliver my ‘Notes on a Small City’ and this month there’s more than the usual amount of hot air!

The magazine does have a website – if you will miss your copy coming through the door. In view of the crisis – and self-isolating restrictions – that’s not going to happen this time around.




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