Bath’s Kiwi connection.

Good to know is picked up around the world – especially by people who have connections with Bath.

Writing from Cambridge, in New Zealand, Thomas Sherwood Fuller tells me:

Hi, Richard,

I have enjoyed your Bathnewseum emails for two or three years now. My ancestors were carriage makers in Bath.  Thomas Fuller 1st was a JP and Mayor of Bath in the 1860s.

My great grandfather, Thomas Fuller 11 – who was a native of Bath – was Chief Architect of Canada 1881- 1896. I am currently writing a book on my family ancestors and have found your news items interesting and helpful.

I remember Bath well – when I stayed there with my mother in June 1969. I have a first cousin who lives in Bath and we communicate regularly concerning this project.

I also have the entire Fuller family tree going back to 1696 in Bath which was researched by my late first cousin Alfred Baden Fuller.

Keep safe.

We will beat this virus in the same way my late uncle Fred Sherwood RCNVR (Ret’d) DSC* -the only Canadian to command a British submarine – and my late father Captain Thomas George Fuller 1V RCNVR (ret’d) DSC** MID – whom Winston Churchill called Canada’s Pirate of the Adriatic – survived WW11 with faith and determination.  

New Zealand goes into lockdown for a month from midnight local time 25th March 2020 to do our part to fight Covid 19.

With best wishes to you and your family. Your articles are much appreciated.