Thumbs up Bath – from Terry.

Well, l intend trying to keep Bath Newseum going through all of this but l cannot get out and about as usual.

So it’s over to you for stories and news you think would be of interest to the website audience.

The man in the picture above is Terry Basson and you can count on him for a bit of inspiring humour at a time like this!

Bunny Hops

‘Wild rabbits did yer know, never run Helter Skelter across a grassy field, even if a dog or fox is chasing them.

How do I know the habits of wild rabbits?

Well, during the last war, I was a London urchin who knew diddly squint about the ways of country wildlife, until Dad took all of us away from the London Blitz, to that delightful safe town of Woodbridge Suffolk.

The children of Woodbridge taught me to catch wild rabbits because sausages in Cpl Jones butcher shop was on ration and there was little on the shelves in the town shops.

So, a wild Rabbit stew became a great nutritious meal. Very low in fat because wild rabbits are vegetarians and never weigh over 4.5 lbs when fully mature.

 So, where, you might ask, is my little story taking you – what of any interest, can this be to the lives of people in these fearful times, we now live through?

 We, during the war sought protection, from our home Anderson Shelter in the garden. Yes, a sort of self-isolation.

 Fear, we were forced to live through for a long 5 years.

Short of food in the shops, 2 oz butter per person.

Queues,  we got used to them, which became almost the expected norm.

The community cared for each other which I am pleased to say is in abundant evidence all about me today in Bath.

Greed in wartime never showed its ugly head.’

The human herd also move in well-worn habits. Now, we must not scatter and run around the field but re-learn the benefits of a caring world.

England will survive to hear the voice of that ‘All Clear Siren’ again.



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  1. The comment about rabbits prompts me to pass on some news from a French friend. I had already fantasised about dog-sharing for people wanting to go out walking, and apparently there are some overwalked dogs being used in dog-share schemes. In Spain the few dogs are being hired out by their owners, and it seems likely that the mafiosi will soon be running Italy’s latest canine scam. The same French friend keeps a large Belgian rabbit for the children to play with, and reports that recently someone was fined for taking their rabbit out for a walk. Gerbils next? Or maybe Robodog? How far can it walk on one charge? Or a single AAA battery??

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