Wednesday round-up

Good to see some fresh tree planting on the new Riverside park. Let’s hope these are disease-free and able to grow and flourish.

The original trees were diseased and had to be felled.
New saplings replace the old – at last!

Such a shame reversing vehicles can’t watch what they are doing though. An extra bollard here wouldn’t go amiss.

It’s such a shame the new parkland is being damaged in this way.

Still waiting on a comment from B&NES on the state of the fountain in Laura Place. It’s been many months since it lost some of its coping stones after being accidentally hit by a vehicle.

Please do something here!

Beginning to think it would be better to scrap the old girl and install a contemporary fountain requiring less maintenance and one which is less easy to damage.

When will this repair get underway?

While we are talking about repairs to damaged Bath heritage sites – there doesn’t seem to be much action down by Pulteney Bridge where another accidental vehicle collision sent some of the stone balustrade down onto the weir below. Again l have asked for a comment from B&NES.

Mike from the Covered Market pointed out something to me which may be potentially dangerous. Is this a live wire poking out of the edging surrounding the temporary parking bay in front of the Guildhall?

Look to the left of the ‘Y’ in the road.
Here’s a close-up!

Finally – for today –  who is dumping the rubbish bags at this litter bin near the rear of the Holburne Museum? Shame they don’t come back and look at the consequences of their actions.

Never mind – someone will clear it up!