Grotty walk!

Jane Austen may have featured it as a lover’s pathway – in her Bath-based novel Persuasion – but there’s nothing very romantic about the city’s 18th century Gravel Walk at the moment.

This footpath – laid out in 1771 to link the Royal CRescent with Queen Square – is in a bit of a mess.

Austen Milner asks me:

Hi Richard, have you taken a Mayor’s Guide tour along Gravel Walk recently? It’s currently a real mess and ironically it’s the Council trimming the bushes that are churning it up.

Austen’s picture

Such a poor view of a lovely and famous path. Can you highlight and see if BANES will commit to reinstating the gravel – it may still exist under the churned up mud.

My photo

I took a look myself Austen and must agree that it is looking a mess. I am sure the contractors would have preferred better weather but it has been raining for weeks!

Another view of the muddy route.

The question of reinstating this historic walk has been raised many times before. I am sure it all comes down to ownership and money.

Not much gravel there anymore.

I will pass this article past B&NES and see what comment we get.