Pro-Europeans must stick together says local MP

Bath’s MP, Wera Hobhouse has set out her view on how the Liberal Democrats should position themselves on Europe in a post-Brexit political landscape.  

It comes after her recent announcement regarding her bid for leadership of the Liberal Democrats, who positioned themselves as the ‘stop Brexit’ party over recent years.

Wera said “Brexit is a mistake for our country. EU membership is in Britain’s best interests. The fact that Brexit is happening does not change that.”

“We must prepare our hearts for the possibility that it may take a decade or more, but EU membership can become a reality whenever the British people choose democratically to elect a majority of MPs ready to pursue that goal.”

The Liberal Democrats will gather for their Spring Conference next weekend in York. The party has recently signed up thousands of new members who joined as a result of the opposition to Brexit. The party’s future position on Brexit will be a hotly debated issue.

Wera continued: “It’s vital that the powerful pro-European movement in the UK stays together.”

“I recognise that we cannot join the European Union any time soon. However, I will never deviate from singing our pro-European values from the rooftops.”

“The fact that Brexit has happened does not devalue the reasons at the heart of our fight to stop Brexit. Indeed, we should be as proudly pro-European as ever.”

Wera, who was elected on a pro-European platform after co-founding Bath for Europe, was the only Lib Dem MP in the last Parliament who voted against every single form of Brexit.

Wera finished: “Let’s stick to our principles and be confident that our time will come.”