Just over a week remains to oppose intrusion onto city green belt

There are still eight days remaining for people to object to a planning application to build 18 houses on a strip of green belt land alongside Deadmill Lane on the edge of Larkhall.

Recently, around fourteen local residents turned up to greet the B&NES planning officer handling the application and express their opposition.

So far 150 people have objected – on line – to the proposal which would affect a finger of agricultural land on the edge of the city’s conservation area and the Woolley Valley.

The finger of green belt that would be built over if planning permission is given.

It’s wedged between the daily rat runs of Deadmill Lane and Ferndale Road.

B&NES planning committee will be asked to approve the construction of 18 flat-roofed houses which are said to be affordable but interestingly make provision for two cars per house!

Letters and emails of objection or criticism have also been received by the planning department from local councillors, the council’s Senior Highways Development Control Engineer and Charlcombe Parish Council.

Local residents voice their opposition.

The planning officer Tess Hampden heard many concerns from residents about building on the green belt, road safety issues and environmental concerns regarding the natural habitat at this historic site

A thousand leaflets – detailing the proposal and their objections – have been distributed in the area.

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Here is an active link to the planning application – if you want to comment!


L to R. Local resident Jill Morley-Smith and Planning Officer Tess Hampden.

Ms Hampden will go away to consult with colleagues before deciding whether or not to recommend the application for approval. If she does, local councillors – who oppose the proposed development – have already ensured the application would be discussed by the committee at a meeting in which local residents would also have their say.