Love-hate Monday.

I found myself developing a love-hate relationship with Bath and North East Somerset Council this morning.

The hate bit came from the frustration in trying to lock up my bike outside the Guildhall where so many bike hoops have been removed and not replaced.

I chained it next to the penalty fine on the council office’s railings and defied them to remove it. I was only gone for half an hour.

The love bit was finding hard-working council staff clearing the tarmac-covered path up to the canal towpath from Grosvenor Bridge.

What you call a clean sweep!

Since this route was properly coated a few years ago it has never been swept. Autumn leaves have built-up over time and bikes and pushchairs have been getting coated in slush.

It is looking so much better, so well done. We’ll be expecting an annual clearance from now on.