We DON’T love you!


A local councillor and members of the London Road Resident’s Association helped save these rust-covered giant planters for their local patch and have since planted them up with sensible shrubs and flowers.

It is going to be a real shame if ‘vandals’ are allowed to move in and selfishly destroy something that has improved the look of the area. Is someone trying to make a point? Write to me and start a proper debate.




Meanwhile talking about ignorance. I don’t think the message has got through that B&NES is not collecting your dead Christmas trees this year?!

The market has gone but the lights remain.

Talking about the festive season, l am wondering whether the city’s Christmas lights are ever going to be taken down? At least the ones in Milsom Street have red balls so could help our Chinese community celebrate their New Year!

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  1. Personally, I’m a fan of narrative graffiti, so welcome its ephemeral intervention, especially along the otherwise miserable London Road. Not sure it’s good idea to throw around insults based on your own prejudice, or dare I say “ignorance”. We have Twitter for that.

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