Let’s get it together says University.

Setting aside – for one moment – issues like the number of city-based student flats being built or the frequency of subsidised university buses, l wanted to tell you about a rather interesting get-together that may well pay dividends for both Bath AND its Claverton Down-based lofty-seat of higher-learning. An educational body which appears to be showing it wants to come down from the hills!

The University of Bath has a new Vice Chancellor and a man with a new vision. Professor Ian White has let it be known that he wants closer ties with the world outside its walls – and that includes the city and its residents.

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Professor Ian White, Vice Chancellor of the University of Bath

The university – he points out – has a wealth of academic expertise and he wants to discuss ways it can be used by collaborating with Bath and North East Somerset Council.

On Monday next, January 13th, l will be chairing a public meeting – that is being held in Bath Guildhall from 6pm – which will discuss the results of a series of workshops organised for earlier in the day.

During those sessions experts from the university and the council will explore how they might jointly tackle three major themes that impact on the city’s future.

They will look at its engineering problems – as centuries-old constructions present maintenance issues over time. They will look at climate change – and how historic buildings add to the city’s carbon ‘footprint’ – and also work on a general economic and social vision for Bath’s future.

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This new collaboration has a title. It’s called Our Shared Future and –  according to a university notice – the aim  is ‘to grow our problem-solving capacity by bringing together expertise from across the city.’

Announcing this free to enter event it says ‘ you’ll have the opportunity to hear from and share your perspectives with some of the experts exploring innovative ways to address some of the challenges we face in Bath.’

Hope to see some of you there!


  1. I’ve booked to go along to this meeting, and am looking forward to it. There are so many opportunities for collaborative cooperation between not just Univeristy of Bath and BANES, but also Bath Spa University and some of the many businesses and third sector organisations to work together.
    Before I heard about this meeting, I sent an email to bother Wera Hobhouse and Dine Romero suggesting just this – as you’re chairing the meeting, I’d really like to forward my email on to you – is there a way I can do this?
    Deborah (Steele)

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