It’s a wet one.

Choosing a selection of images for today – while l hear the rain lashing against my windows! Mayor’s Guiding duties call too.

Looking towards the former company offices of the Kennet and Avon Canal.
Network Rail are clearing back vegetation. Look through the road bridge at the sterile cleared banks – compared to what is protected in Sydney Gardens.
The only good thing about the clearance in Sydney Gardens is that it exposes areas that have been badly vandalised and maybe lack of cover will slow this down?
All my images are far from pretty. They should not allow sheds in Abbey Churchyard – it is the treasured heart of our World Heritage City and you debase its architecture and history with these take-away food huts.
There was me thinking the new wall was built to HIDE the bins?
Full marks to Browns of Bath for putting some natural seasonal decoration around their entrance way. Baubles are made of plastic.
The image of Father Thames shows the way out of Sydney Gardens for canal users heading towards the London end of this amazing waterway.

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