Seeing double in The Circus

There’s more double yellow lines on the way to enhance one of the city centre’s premier architectural show pieces.

Parking spaces are to be removed from one of Bath’s most historic streets in an effort to protect the environment and take steps to address the Climate Emergency.

Councillor Joanna Wright, cabinet member for Transport Services has agreed to change the single yellow line parking restriction around the inner island of the Circus to a double yellow line restriction.


Currently drivers can park their vehicles in the inner half of the Circus from 7pm – 8am Monday to Saturday and all-day Sunday.

Councillor Wright said: “Visitors from around the world come to see our World Heritage city and one of the key draws is the Circus, an outstanding example of Georgian architecture with its circle of large townhouses. However, visitors are not only met by this wonder, but also by parked cars, congested traffic, predatory driving and air pollution.

“When we declared a Climate Emergency we committed to make major changes. To continue to allow parking in the inner zone of the Circus is not just a symbolic gesture that “we can no longer conduct business as usual”, it is also a moral issue.  We must find new ways to travel and encouraging parking in one of the world’s pre-eminent cultural sites is no longer appropriate.”


Professor Barry Gilbertson, Chair of the Circus Area Residents Association (CARA), said: “We were surprised, and pleased, with the council’s decision to work towards the elimination of destination parking in the Circus, especially on Sundays. Bath’s World Heritage inscription is important to our tourism, but many other towns and cities around the world have made their special cultural sites car free. Bath can do so, too.

However, as many residents live in and around the Circus, we are pleased that parking has been retained around the outer ring. The decision means visitors will better enjoy the Georgian splendour of the Grade 1 Listed Buildings of the Circus – the first ever to be built in England, from 1754 onwards.”

It’s anticipated that the double yellow line restriction around the inner island of the Circus will be put in place during December.