I’m a columnist!

It’s publication day for The Bath Magazine with 20,000 lovely copies being distributed across the Bath region.

I know what you are thinking – it comes out every month – so why are you jumping up and down with excitement?

Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 11.47.24
You’ll have to get yourself a copy to see what l have to say.

Well, l have to admit that November’s issue is extra-special for me. You see they very kindly asked ‘yours truly’ to occupy a column or two with my thoughts on life and the city.

I’ve called in a good mate – who happens to be a dab hand at drawing – to help illustrate my words.


Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 11.47.39
You’ll get the joke when you read the column! © The Bath Magazine  

Brian Duggan is a rare commodity these days. A graphic artist who can also produce work by hand!

Of course, apart from my mutterings, it’s a great magazine. Go grab a copy.