I’m a columnist!

It’s publication day for The Bath Magazine with 20,000 lovely copies being distributed across the Bath region.

I know what you are thinking – it comes out every month – so why are you jumping up and down with excitement?

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You’ll have to get yourself a copy to see what l have to say.

Well, l have to admit that November’s issue is extra-special for me. You see they very kindly asked ‘yours truly’ to occupy a column or two with my thoughts on life and the city.

I’ve called in a good mate – who happens to be a dab hand at drawing – to help illustrate my words.


Screenshot 2019-10-29 at 11.47.39
You’ll get the joke when you read the column! © The Bath Magazine  

Brian Duggan is a rare commodity these days. A graphic artist who can also produce work by hand!

Of course, apart from my mutterings, it’s a great magazine. Go grab a copy.


  1. We never have it delivered sadly. I shall have to pinch one from somewhere!

  2. Have you been in Bath long enough to have come across the late ‘Jack Pennington’? The promoter of many jazz gigs in the city and a talented cartoonist who used to produce material for the Chronicle amongst other outlets. Walt Disney even asked him to go and work for him but he preferred the West Country jazz scene so declined! He was well connected with Ronnie Scotts in London and Jack would often persuade visiting musicians to that club to venture westwards to fit in a gig here, usually at the Bell.



    Bob Draper

  3. Congratulations ! I would dearly love to have a copy of The Bath Magazine, but believe it or not, I don’t know where to get one! Any ideas?

    Celia Hutton


  4. HI Celia,

    Steve here, the publisher. For the many good folk that don’t get the magazine through their letterbox, there are plenty of places around town where you can pick up a copy. We are filling the stands from Thursday. They are at; Waitrose (they have 2 floorstands, but do empty quickly) but Café at M&S on the top floor, Starbucks, Pret a Manger ( Cheap Street) and The Holburne Museum all have deep well stands. As above there are many cafés around town with copies. Always feel free to buzz on our doorbell in George Street if no joy.
    And, as mentioned there’s a digital version too (with no pop up ads) that you can read from our website.
    Richard’s column is great fun and a lovely addition to our magazine. Hope you manage to find us somewhere and enjoy the read.
    Best regards.

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