Putting Bath in the frame.

Well, loads of excitement for me yesterday helping to see into the Museum of Bath at Work – what remains of the 200 foot-long panorma of Bath the late Roger Hallett painted in the city – over 4 years – back in the 1980’s.

Museum Director Stuart Burroughs with Douglas Pike who drove the collection over from East Anglia.

It was never publicly seen as completed work in Bath but went instead to London. Now what’s left of it WILL go on display locally within two years. See the story elsewhere on this page.

Meanwhile, Bath Newseum has been covering the dismantling and re-homing of artefacts making up the Bath Medical Museum – forced to move out of the old Mineral Water Hospital when the building was sold for hotel development.

The sedan chair – now in residence at a doctor’s surgery in Great Pulteney Street.

Visiting my doctor’s surgery in Pulteney Street for a flu jab – and removal of stitches from my knee operation – l noticed this old medical museum friend on the first landing.

It’s a sedan chair with a bulbous front bit for gentlemen with gout and a ¬†banadaged foot!

The lobby clock from the old Min is now at the Museum of Bath at Work.

Another item – the magnificent lobby clock – is now hanging at the Museum of Bath at Work. Though l hear it may have to come down a fraction as it requires a trip up a ladder to wind it!

Could these be platforms for Bath to have a Speaker’s Corner?

I don’t see the round benches in Union Street proving very popular with shoppers as seating. Make a much better platform for Bath to have its own Speaker’s Corner if you ask me.

At least two ‘live wires’ at work outside the Guildhall.

Bit of rewiring for new lights in the lamps outside the Guildhall underway by the look of things. They might get around to re-grouting the steps into this historic Georgian building at this rate!

The Ivy – minus a canopy.

The canopy B&NES thought out of place has been taken down from the front of The Ivy in Milsom Street.

Where have l seen those Christmas lights before?

Meanwhile, many of our Christmas lights have been going up! Must say they have been made to last. Trying to count the many years they have been used.

Defaced historic fabric and ugly wheelie bins.

Sorry to end on a low note but this city has another challenge to face. How to hide these huge bins. Not the prettiest piece of street furniture on wheels are they?




  1. Roger, I don’t know what day you saw empty new round seats in Union Street, but the day I walked down it (Saturday) they were filled with seated people.

    I wish your several comments re Guildhall steps needing grouting were read by the council but perhaps now scaffold is up at the back this job will get done?

  2. Notice The Ivy still using the fake flowers. Do they need planning permission?

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