Civic honours mark service.

Former Mayors and Charter Trustees of the City of Bath (Bath Ward Councillors) have been honoured by being appointed Honorary Aldermen of the City.  The title is given by way of thanks for the valued contribution given over 12 years of service, or as Mayor.

The Right Worshipful The Mayor of Bath (Councillor Gerry Curran) made the presentations at a Ceremony in the Council Chamber.  He said “It is good to have public acknowledgement of the contribution given by Councillors to the City.  It was a pleasure to meet past Mayors and Councillors and thank them for their many years of service to the City of Bath.”


Hon Ald Ceremony - 8 Oct 2019
Photo:   The Mayor (Cllr Gerry Curran) with Deputy Mayor (Councillor Manda Rigby) to his left, and new Honorary Aldermen (left to right)
Colin Barrett, Patrick Anketell-Jones, Ian Gilchrist and Dr Anthony Clarke.


Recipients were:  

Nigel Roberts, who was first elected in 1992 to represent Westmoreland Ward on the former Bath City Council, and then on to represent Odd Down Ward until May this year; serving the community for a total of 27 years;

Caroline Roberts represented Newbridge Ward for 24 years from 1995- 2019;

Colin Barrett, held Office as Mayor in 2009-2010 and served Weston Ward for 16 years.  He is thought to be the first to have previously been employed by Bath City Council, from 1966 to 1990, to then be elected as a Councillor, become Mayor, and then an Honorary Alderman.  

Cherry Beath served as Deputy Mayor in 2011-2012 and then as Mayor in 2014-2015 and represented Combe Down Ward for 12 years;

Ian Gilchrist, who was Deputy Mayor 2013-2014 and Mayor in 2017-2018, represented Widcombe Ward for 12 years;

Will Sandry was Mayor in 2015-2016 and represented Oldfield Ward for 12 years;

Dr Anthony Clarke, served as Deputy Mayor in 2018-2019 and represented Lansdown Ward for 12 years;

Patrick Anketell-Jones became Mayor in 2018-2019 and completed 8 years of service to the Lansdown Ward last May; 

While the title is a purely honorary role, those invited to have the title conferred upon them are invited to civic ceremonies and may be asked to represent the Mayor if he/she or the Deputy Mayor are otherwise engaged.  The new Honorary Aldermen will next join the Mayor in a Civic Procession to Bath Abbey for the Royal British Legion’s Remembrance Service on Sunday 10 November.