Step in the right direction.

Good to see the re-arranging of seating and bike racks in the Saw Close has seen the back of those horrible tin troughs full of plastic box hedging.

Good to see the back of these!


Things have been moved around to make the steps more user-friendly.

The re-shaped Saw Close

I have never been a fan of the re-design of this important urban space in front of our historic Theatre Royal but at least it is an improvement on the original layout.

Still plenty of plastic hedging around the restaurant there but maybe they will get the message too. We are a city that wins awards for our REAL not the plastic ones.

Blooming success at the Garrick’s Head

I take my hat off to the Garrick’s Head nearby for its fantastic display of the genuine article. That’s the way to do it and – in general – Bath pubs have been showing the way.


With street furniture in mind l  have to say there is no obvious overall pattern for bike racks and benches across the city.

Kingsmead Square

From the Saw Close through Kingsmead Square and through Union Street, and even Stall Street, it’s different types and colours.

Kingsmead Square
Union Street
Stall Street


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