Put to sleep

With the leaves only just beginning to show shades of autumn, l think a much better indication of the approaching dark months is the fact that the ‘grand old lady of Laura Place’ has been drained, cleaned and cleared for the start of its winter sleep.

It’s the most impressive working fountain we have in this city of waters. Of course there should be many, many more.


Incidentally – talking of hibernation – just in case you have recently acquired a tortoise – l am told they normally get put into a straw-filled box at the beginning of November. There’s plenty of advice on line.


Good to see the new benches in Union Street being used but l am anxious to know when the accompanying metal planters are going to be filled with shrubs or flowers.


One is currently doing duty as a rubbish bin.


Meanwhile, Milsom Street has returned to normal after its wonderful traffic-free week-end but even though four wheelers are entitled to use it again – l am not sure we want coaches of this size ploughing through.


Finally – on my trip home – plenty of Network Rail contractors clearing vegetation beside the main line to London at the point it emerges from Sydney Gardens to run alongside the canal towpath.

I am no expert but cannot see how this natural vegetation is interfering with passing trains and it’s a loss of cover for wildlife.


I find it a little ironic that they can put their energies into that but ignore the dangerously damaging shrubs growing out of Mr Brunel’s listed retaining wall as it runs through Sydney Gardens. Loose stones falling onto trains cannot surely be welcomed?


  1. Hi Richard

    Agree about Network Rail and their clear felling policy. Take a look at the east end of Saltford where they have just finished. Nothing left growing.

    It’s a pity as the railway line is a wildlife corridor, particularly for birds, foxes and badgers etc

    Regards, Lyn Sykes

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