A Guildhall grout.

Bath’s Georgian-built Guildhall scores two ‘bests’ in the “Pevsner Architectural Guide” to the city.

Author Michael Forsyth says: ‘The Guildhall is by Thomas Baldwin, 1775-8. The elevation to the High Street is the best in Bath, and the Banqueting Hall within is the best interior.’

chandeliers guildhall
Cleaning the chandeliers in the Banqueting Room.

We should feel mighty proud that this building still exists and is still where local democracy can be seen in action at every Bath and North East Somerset Council meeting!


All those councillor comings and goings – and others coming to register births, attend public meetings or get married – have taken their toll on the main stone staircase into the building.


Grouting has broken down, the railings decorated with peeling paint and the steps adorned with weeds and cigarette butts.

Grouting disappearing and cigarette stubs revealing.

I know things are tight – budget-wise – but surely Bath-based builders Emery Brothers or even students from Bath College could be called persuaded to tidy up the steps. Maybe we could ‘crowd fund’  the cost of cleaning and repainting the railings?

Not very impressive is it?

While we are in the High Street l arrived on my bike to find all the immediate stands occupied. With BNES keen to reduce pollution levels – and ease our traffic problems – the authority is no doubt keen to get more of us to cycle.


I seem to remember a whole rank of bike hoops has disappeared from outside the Guildhall and so maybe it’s time now to put them back!!