My pain and Bath’s gain.

Well l am back from our South American travels but have to apologise for not yet being back to full Bath Newseum steam.

Seems l have torn ligaments in my knee and – having been told it’s a lengthy natural repair job – am having to rely on partner’s good will and patience to get me anywhere!


Ice packs and ibuprofen are helping to pass the time and ease the pain but this maturing ‘hobbler’ is currently in a lower gear than he would like.

Enough of that – and l have to say – on the positive side –  l have plenty of memories of an amazing three weeks.

How settling in at home to find a new kid ‘ on the block’ – journalistically speaking – as the online Bath Echo finally gets to put its news on paper with the launch of a fortnightly freebie which will be pushed through the letter boxes of 20,000 homes across the city.


Congratulations for making that transformation during difficult economic times.

Communication and knowledge is paramount at this time in both the city and the country’s history. Challenged to say the very least.

Thank you editor Seb Hawker for bringing my copy to my door. It’s an impressive first effort.