A note on (fly) posting.

Is B&NES renting out its Guildhall fence as advertising space?

Is this a new way of putting a little extra into the financially-strained kitty?


It may be a wonderful funfair, but allowing posters to appear in some of the city’s iconic public spaces does not create the best impression with regards to our visitors.

Bath is a world heritage city and not an advertiser’s dream canvas.


Our ‘promotional spread’ is Georgian architecture and Roman Baths.

Don’t mess up our tourist attractions with fly posting.

PS. Despite everything, Bath is still very much the ‘Emerald City.’


See what a little sun-induced algae does to the dear little Laura Place fountain. Welcome to Oz.


  1. I just saw these and didn’t like it! Also, the council never remove all their little notices about road closures fixed to every other lampost and railings. That’s just litter!

  2. I believe the laws on fly posting are different for visiting fairs and touring circuses. As far as I remember, as long as the posters are taken down by a certain date, they have much more freedom to advertise and erect banners and billboards. Carters seem to be highly efficient at both putting up and taking down their advertising.

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