Tales of the (Bath) riverbank.

My thanks to Peter Dickinson for putting my mind at rest. Passing by the new Crest Riverside Elizabeth Park – due to be officially opened in a couple of weeks – l noticed the hoarding around a new art installation was slightly ajar.


Inside l could see empty space and not the new ‘bench’ that artist Patrick Haines has created.

Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 14.17.28
Patrick Haines installing the Herschel Chairs back in 2013. They are sited near the Victoria Bridge and pay tribute to William Herschel and his sister Caroline who made some amazing astronomical discoveries while living in Bath.

He’s the sculptor who has already given us the Herschel Chairs by the Victoria Bridge and this new work – Jenyn’s Seat – is inspired by a Victorian clergyman and naturalist who came to live in Bath and who turned down a round-the-world-voyage on the Beagle – because of his parish duties – and who recommended a young man called Charles Darwin in his place.

Screenshot 2019-06-30 at 10.04.09

But the installation was not there and l sent an email to Peter Dickinson who is Lead Artist for Crest Nicholson.

He soon replied:

‘Hi Richard,

Thank you for your concern and being alert to the possibility.
The seat is safe. It has been removed because there was a problem with the footing which had to be sorted. It will be back.’
Under cover until July 17th – an ornamental scroll from the old Destructor bridge.
The new piece of artwork will be unveiled during the official opening on July 17th.
It will include two other pieces – currently under cover in the new park – they are the ornamental ends saved from the old Destructor Bridge and given a new lease of life as part of this new open space beside the River Avon.
This one is obviously orange!
The other one appears to be blue!
Speaking of which, good to see the many ways in which the city is re-connecting with its biggest water feature.
Quite a line-up!
Down by the Victoria Bridge someone from Original Wild – the locally-based adventure experts – was getting more stand up and paddle recruits for an outing – upstream – on the river.
What you could call a balanced exercise regime!

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