Too high by far.

Good to know all the people moving into the new Holburne Park – the residential development of an old Warminster Road MOD site – will enjoy such fine views across the city.


I am not so sure the rest of us have such a fine view of them.

Here’s a shot from Grosvenor Bridge – across the River Avon – with the roof of a new construct looming over the trees. The height is all wrong.


And here’s another view from the towpath of the Kennet and Avon Canal.

It’s ok saying this is a brownfield development but the old MOD site was single storey.

How do planners let people get away with this?

Can we also have a bit more respect for our War Memorial.

I include front views and a couple of shots from behind.





  1. We should be building 5-6 story high density apartment blocks. It’s exactly what the Georgians did. It works, and let us not forget that when the canal was initially built there was huge opposition to it. Now we celebrate it.

    In a world where high density low carbon, low energy urban living is a necessity this is the right approach. The other option is the 2-4 bed semi-detached housing estate on the Corsham MOD site where the only way people can get around is by car.

  2. Only four storeys above ground, though, and one of those (the attic) was designed to be unobtrusive. High density is fine but if it’s going to be visible from a distance make it something worth looking at.

  3. Of note, that is precisely what the drone picture at the top shows. 4 stories above ground with the top floor being the unobtrusive attic. This is *classic* Georgian scale.

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