Let’s go play in the Forest.

We’re a week away from this year’s Forest of the Imagination extravaganza which – for six years now – has even the adults amongst us visiting parts of our creative and resourceful brain we haven’t set foot in for years.

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From June 20 to the 24th you’ll experience an exciting programme of artworks, outdoor theatre, sensory installations and participatory creative activities, along Great Pulteney Street, at the Holburne Museum and in Sydney Gardens.

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How Sydney Gardens will look for the event.

That’s where l found artist Luke Woodbury at work this morning. With the help of the Council’s tree team he is creating his own take on a sensory experience and using a tree – feed because it was diseased – as a physical anchor for his work.

Turning a fallen tree into a work of imaginative art!

I asked him to explain exactly what he was up to.


Find out more about events via forestofimagination.org.uk

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  1. Dear Richard

    Thank you for the reminder of the Forest of the Imagination event coming up and indeed all of your interesting and informative posts.

    Readers may be interested to learn that they can still enjoy one half of the fabulous story telling bench used in the 2016 Forest of the Imagination festival.

    It is now looked after by The Duchess Beauty Salon and is the inspiration for the pop up garden created by Wild Walcot on the corner of the Corn Market.

    It continues its mission to create a sense of nature in an urban environment and has become a real Community Asset that brings together all the diverse groups that visit, live, and work in the street.

    I am the proprietor of The Duchess Beauty Salon and I very much enjoy looking out at the pop up garden we have all created. Depending on the time of day I might see busy office and shop workers enjoying their sandwiches, children in karate suits reading the library donated wildlife books with their parents and a few chaps enjoying the evening sun over a beer.

    The Wild Walcot group are community volunteers that came together to create and look after the garden. We are now involved with other projects to continue bringing nature and community together in the street. We post information about our activities on Facebook and on the notice board in the garden.

    Kind regards

    Beatrice Pounder
    The Duchess Beauty Salon
    33 Walcot Street

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