They’re special AND free!

Want to know more about Thomas Gainsborough’s time in Bath? The Beadeker wartime raids or how the city helped shape the postal service?

These are just some of the subjects covered in a special series of FREE summer walks organised by the Mayor of Bath’s Corps of Honorary Guides.

The walks run from July 1st to 12th, weekdays only ,at 2pm and 6pm ….starting at the point advertised on the poster.
Also there are special Pulteney ¬†Estate walks which are conducted every Tuesday and Thursday 11am from alongside the Mayor’s Guides information board outside thePump Room.
mayors guides
The Mayor’s Guides board outside the Pump Room.
They run from 2nd May to 26th September.
Finally there are evening walks which run May to the end of August….. Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm from the information board outside Pump Room.