Martin gets a lift!

Now this was not a pretty sight.

One of the most famous faces of Bath reduced to thumbing a lift outside the Bath tourist attraction where he has spent the past 12 years – on the doorstep – as a meeter and greeter.

We know him well as the man – dressed as Jane Austen’s Mr Bennet- outside the centre that both promotes and explains her time living in the city.

So what was Martin’s problem and where did he want to go?

To answer that, l have to explain how he’s been given the honour of helping to promote Bath at a very special ‘do’ in London.

We are one of 11 spa towns from seven different countries who have now combined to submit an application to UNESCO asking for recognition within a Great Spas of Europe World Heritage Site nomination.

Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 18.11.24

All being well, a recommendation will be presented to the 44th annual session of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee in June/July 2020 where the final decision will be made.

If successful this project could see Bath become the UK’s first double-nominated UNESCO World Heritage site!

Right – so what is Martin’s role in all this?

He told Bath Newseum:

“I am after a lift to a special reception at the German Embassy in London on the 22nd of May and the organisers want me to go in costume.”

Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 18.12.29
The German Embassy in London.

I can see going by train or coach is going to make him feel a bit conspicuous.

Germany has three spa centres and is one of the country’s involved in the application.


Martin continued: ‘ The Mayor of Bath is attending but l don’t know who else is going?’

Seems his appearance on here has got him the lift he was looking for.


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